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Batam Centre, Kota Batam
Batam Drinking Water Supply System (SPAM)

Water Customer Service

As of November 20, 2020, SPAM BP Batam started operation to serve customers in Batam City.

SPAM BATAM "Improvements"

Providing high levels of customer satisfaction with services is a priority in developing the services offered to fulfill customer needs and expectations. Providing access to clean water for all of Batam’s residents without exception is a challenge and our objective.

As one of the commitments of SPAM Batam in managing and operating the Drinking Water Management System, we present an application to customers, namely AIR MINUM BATAM (in English: BATAM DRINKING WATER)

Batam Drinking Water Supply System (SPAM)

Rate Table

Based on the Regulation of the Head of the Batam Indonesia Free Zone Authority Number 24 of 2020

NoCustomer ClassificationClean Water Rates
Usage Limit (M3)
1.1A - GENERAL SOCIAL1.0801.0801.4002.1002.100
2.1B - SPECIAL SOCIAL1.0801.0801.4002.1002.100
3.2A - GOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS4.7004.7007.35710.80012.900
4.2B – LOW-INCOME HOUSING7609402.7008.1759.750
5.2C – HOUSING CLASS A2.0002.5305.6508.4259.750
6.2D – HOUSING CLASS B3.7755.6507.55010.65010.650
7.3A – SMALL COMMERCIAL6.7007.5509.05012.10012.900
8.3B – LARGE COMMERCIAL7.3508.70010.00012.50013.500
9.4A - SMALL INDUSTRY10.00010.00010.00010.00010.000
10.4B - LARGE INDUSTRY10.50010.50010.50010.50010.500
11.4C - SHIPYARD/MARITIME INDUSTRY12.00012.00012.00012.00012.000
12.5A1 - SEA PORT WATER SUPPLY FOR SHIPS50.00050.00050.00050.00050.000
13.5A2 - SEA PORT WATER FOR NON-SHIPPING23.60023.60023.60023.60023.600
14.5B – AIRPORT23.60023.60023.60023.60023.600
15.5C1 – RENTAL FLATS7609402.7008.1759.750
16.5C2 – OWNER-OCCUPIED FLATS2.0002.5305.6508.4259.750
17.5C3 - BATAMINDO DORMITORY (BATD)2.0002.5305.6508.4259.750
18.5D – HYDRANT3.5003.5003.5003.5003.500
19.BATD - BATAMINDO (DOMESTIC)4.5005.0308.15010.92512.250
20.5D – HYDRANTBATI - BATAMINDO (INDUSTRIAL)13.00013.00013.00013.00013.000
21.OBMW - OTHER BULK WATER METERS3.5003.5003.5003.5003.500
Batam Drinking Water Supply System (SPAM)

Our Services

Recommendations for connection of clean water specifically for Ready-to-Build Plots (KSB).

Recommendation for connection of hydrants in public/public locations.

Recommendation for domestic wastewater management and customer’s complaints.

No.Service TypeUnitService Rates
1.Residential/Service/Public Raw Water ServicePer m3Rp. 150
2.Industrial Raw Water Service0.15 SGD
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Batam SPAM Head Office

Ruko Komp. Batam Centre Square Blok D No. 2 Batam Kota, Kota Batam


+62 778 462 047 / 462 048


    Unit/ Branch Office

    Batu Aji Customer Service Office

    Komp. Pertokoan Batu Permata Blok C No. 01 Batu Aji, Batam

    Bengkong Customer Service Office

    Bengkong Palapa II Blok KK No. 8 Rt. 004 RW. 006 Tanjung Buntung, Bengkong, Batam

    Tiban Customer Service Office

    Ruko Golden Wealth Blok A No. 6 Jl. Tiban Indah Permai, Tiban Indah, Kec. Sekupang, Batam

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